What Not To Do for a Healthy Weight Loss

Weight loss is not only about the diet we eat but it also depends on various factors like sleep, exercise, stress, tension and most importantly our potential to work towards weight loss. There have been many debates on what is a good weight loss; many famous and well renowned dietitians have given tips on what to do for weight loss, but most of the times people forget to tell what not to do for a healthy weight loss.

Say a big NO to Smoking, alcohol, drugs and the likes as they interfere with your normal body functioning causing irreparable damage. Consuming food late in the night is bad for health as it transforms only into fat rather than giving any nutritional value. Adding a lot of fiber rich grains and vegetables will help burn calories faster. If you have the need to eat at odd hours during the day, go for fruits and nuts. Have everything in moderate amount.

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Not keeping a gap of at least 2-3 hours between dinner and sleep will increase your weight as your metabolic rate will slow down. The way we chew our food also plays a significant role in weight loss. Not chewing your food properly results in depositions of undigested food in your colon. Last but not the least; exercise regularly for a salubrious lifestyle.


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